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Cập nhật: 16 tháng 5, 2017
Cài đặt 50 - 100
Version hiện tại 1.0
Yêu cầu Android 2.3 trở lên

Mô tả CANDY BUGS-UP v1.0

some kids love hiking to the mountain. they seek insect for fun. in the mountain they find some interesting insects what they think are cute and adorable.

one say to their friends "it will be better for us to just take some picture of insects that we have found, won't it?. it will be nice for the insects live and fly happily to everywhere they want".

other kid say "yes, i agree with you".

they catch any insect around the mountain such as butterfly, bee, snail, caterpilar, ant, ladybugs, dragonfly and wasp. then they happily take pictures of it.

"Ok, now we realease them to the wild, and let them to their family. it's time for us to go home, let's go!".

they together go home with happy because they imagine to the insects they have realeased fly happily as before they have catched and took pictures of it.
-the end-

we present "Candy Bugs-Up" for you who love nature and its life. this game is similar to any popular 3-matched candy game.
the difference is we use some insects as candies replacement.

this game is easy to play. just using your finger to connect minimum 3 similar insects to get the scores. as many as similar insect is connected, the higher scores you can reach.

try to beat scores and time limitation. as you can beat both of it, you can go to the advance level.
time limitation will be decreased and higher score limitation is growing up as many as you succeed to reach higher level.
further more you play this game succesfully by beat the level, it make this game increasingly challenging.
keep connecting similar insects as many as you can. then you'll find "insect bonus" or "super candy". with this both bonuses you will be able to boosting up the game to get higher scores and beat the scores limitation.
you will get punishment if you connect similar insects less than 3, your scores will be deducted. but don't worry, maybe this punishment will be a strategic way to get higher scores. Ooops...

don't hesitate playing it to enjoy your day
have a nice day :)

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