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Cập nhật: 16 tháng 11, 2017
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Yêu cầu Android 4.4 trở lên

Mô tả Fidget Spinner Games Free - Beat the High Score

We have added fantastic new fidget spinner designs to our app. We're sure you will recognize a few of them ;)

How does a fidget spinner work? You simply spin it while you hold it between your thumb and index finger. It is a very simple mechanic, but it has a really useful effect. It has been developed to calm you down and help you to relax if you’re stressed.

Obviously it is not possible to spin the hand spinner app between your fingers, since it is only a virtual simulation on your smartphone display. Well, you could actually try to spin your whole phone around and pretend it’s a fidget spinner. But we do not recommend that due to obvious (money-related) reasons.
The purpose of our hand spinner app is another one: it’s all about the high score. With a swipe of your finger you spin one of the many included fidget spinners and try to achieve as many rotations as possible.
Remember that you only have five swipes in each round.

Of course there is a limit to how fast you can swipe. But worry not, that’s why we implemented upgrades.
With every spin you earn coins. Even if your spin was not the most successful, you will still be rewarded with a few shiny golden tokens. You can use them to upgrade your finger spinner and make it better and faster. Can a real fidget spinner do that? Nope, that’s only possible with our fidget spinner simulator.

There are two areas you can upgrade. The first will increase the spinning speed of your hand spinner, which means it can spin faster in the same amount of time.
The second area affects the duration of a spin. You basically grease the spinners ball-bearing so that it will spin more freely and for a longer period of time.

Both of these upgrades can be applied indefinitely. So there is not a really a limit to the high score you can achieve. What you need is skill and a little patience.

You will also be able to change the color and shape of the fidget spinner. This won’t affect its performance, but hey - it’s always better to be awesome AND be stylish, right?

Our fidget hand spinner app is both relaxing and highly motivating. Earn more coins to upgrade your fidget spinner to the ultimate spinning machine.

- Fidget Spinner Game
- Different Fidget Spinner Designs
- Different Upgrades
- Endless Fun

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