Tải Find A John

Du lịch và Địa phương / By PogieKingCuda
Cập nhật: 27 tháng 7, 2013
Cài đặt 1.000 - 5.000
Version hiện tại 1.0.1
Yêu cầu Android 2.3.3 trở lên

Mô tả Find A John: Bathroom Finder v1.0.1

Official Find a Android App! (Currently in Beta)

The international bathroom finding & rating application! Find out the quality of a John before you go. Add as many as you'd like. All John's are added by users, not robots (Unless you are an intelligent robot, then I say 48:65:6c:6c:6f:21)


A toilet.

toilet - lavatory - loo - water closet - restroom - can - bathroom

Find a John allows you to find the perfect bathroom. You can search nearby and see what is closest and show only what Johns suit your needs. If you need a clean bathroom, then you can show those. If you need a clean bathroom, that has a baby changing station, you can do that too. If there isn't a John in your area, you can add them, and this way you don't have to remember if it was a good one or not and you let others know what you think.

If you need to find a gender neutral or family bathroom, you can find the closest ones.

Feel free to send me an email with any suggestions / comments.

Disclaimer*: All information is user-submitted and does not reflect the views, thoughts, intentions, ideas, or anything else about the author.

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Good App Guaranteed!

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