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Thông thường / By dewigema
Cập nhật: 5 tháng 6, 2017
Cài đặt 500 - 1.000
Version hiện tại 1.0.0
Yêu cầu Android 2.3.3 trở lên

Mô tả Memory game:Halloween horror match v1.0.0

Memory game: Halloween horror matchup pairs card is a board game or a classic card commonly known as game memory, kids memory, matching memory, pairs, memory game matchups, brain memory, memory test, game match card, memory challenge, memory board , Memory trainer, mind game, etc.
This game (Memory game: Halloween horror matchup pairs card) really helps train and as memory testers or memory of children and adults.

Game Memory game: Halloween horror matchup pairs card itself is a casual game designed and designed to be the best and easy to play for both your child and your family (male or female) or adults, adjusting for children who are not yet in school (preschool) , Can not or learn to read, do not know or learn letters (abc), not know or learn (123) and not know or learn the word (language). Even adults can play it anytime and anywhere during leisure time during the holidays to help train memory or memory.

How to play (storyline) game Memory game: Halloween horror matchup pairs card is by matching, pairing and getting rid of all shapes and related to the celebration of halloween, horror character characters such as scarecrow, death devil, monster, the mummy, werewolf, witch, Skeleton, Dracoola, zombie, etc. which has been designed with a funny form for children happy, interested and not afraid in playing this game.
If the Halloween Horror image option is wrong (not the same) then you have to remember the position of the previous image to be right on the next chance option.
Try, train and test your memory with this memory game (Memory game: Halloween horror matchup pairs card), if your memory is good then you will get the highest star in each level challenge. Good luck, play, practice and test your memory with game memory Memory game: Halloween horror matchup pairs card.

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