Tải Pensoul

Nghệ thuật và thiết kế / By FXGear Inc.
Cập nhật: 12 tháng 1, 2016
Cài đặt 100.000 - 500.000
Version hiện tại 2.50
Yêu cầu Android 4.2 trở lên

Mô tả Pensoul - 3D painting/drawing v2.50


1. Artistic Vector Brushes
Compared to the pixel-distorting bitmap-based brushes, used by the competitor apps, Pensoul's vector-based brush maintains smooth vector lines even when magnified. Unlike other apps, Pensoul is capable of exporting drawings at ultra high resolution and scale, without losing it's original detail and quality.

2. 1,000,000x Zoom
Pensoul drawings can be magnified up to 1 million times without graphic quality deterioration. Images can have a giant scale and fine detail on a single canvas simultaneously, thanks to its powerful vector engine.

3. 3D Rendering
Pensoul supports 3D printers, allowing you to change a simple 2D sketch into a magnificent three-dimensional print. Easily turn your drawings into fun cake decorations to make your kid's birthday or other event extra special.

4. Time Slider
Instantly jump to any point in your drawing history to review or modify your work. From start to finish, you will find it surprisingly easy to use the Time Slider feature to alter and improve your artwork.

5. Easy to Share
The new "Share Image" feature enables users to easily share their work on all compatible apps and social media platforms. Alternatively, users can export their artwork to their mobile device gallery using the "Save to Gallery" option.

6. Pen Drawing Mode/ Touch Drawing Mode
To switch the Drawing Mode, “Tab” the Menu key of the Phones and “Long Press” the Menu Key of the Tablets.


-Supports S-Note : You can import the content created in S-Note.

-A few usage examples of Pensoul
Sketchbook/ Drawing Pad/ Work Note/ Class Note/ Photo Diary/ Recipe note/ /Travel journal/ Planner

App authorization info:
Camera: When user selects camera in the app, it accesses the device’s camera application.
Gallery: When user selects to attach a photo file in the app, the app asks the user whether to access the gallery application.
This authorization could be saved so that Pensoul can select photos from the device without asking.
Also, exported images from the app are added to gallery application.
External storage: If an SD card or an external storage is connected, image or data can be saved there.

* Applicable android devices

- Android version
Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and above (equipped with OpenGL ES 2.0). Performance may vary upon HW specifications.

- Resolution
Optimized for 800x1280, 1080x1920, 1600x2560 screen, and other resolution may not maintains optimized ratio.

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Khách hàng đánh giá cho Pensoul - 3D painting/drawing

Pensoul - 3D painting/drawing
24 tháng 6, 2017

I can' give this app 5 star! Because is relly bad !

Pensoul - 3D painting/drawing
Huang Huang 7 tháng 11, 2015

Good app but... ...Vẫn còn lỗi, lưu ảnh vào máy bị nhòe hoặc thiếu. Yêu cầu khắc phục

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Good App Guaranteed!

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