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Cập nhật: 17 tháng 10, 2017
Cài đặt 100.000 - 500.000
Version hiện tại Khác nhau tùy theo thiết bị
Yêu cầu Android Khác nhau tùy theo thiết bị

Mô tả PointToPoint

PointToPoint is the easiest navigation app you will find on Android Market. It does not require data connection. Point To Point simply tells you how to go from point A to point B using the fastest, direct route.

PointToPoint is free and easy to use, with all required information displayed at all times. It only takes 2 clicks on a button to save your location and one click on a button to be guided to last or saved location.

Use Point To Pint to remember where you parked your car, location of your hotel, location of camping spot, when hiking, to be guided to pre given coordinates, to save your favorite diving spots, spots in nature and other outdoor activities... or any other location you would like to return to later.

PointToPoint enables you to:
- save current GPS location
- navigate from new location to saved location
- store multiple locations and manage stored locations
- enter location manually (coordinates)
- get data about current location, altitude, speed
- use compass to guide you to desired location
- get data about distance to desired GPS coordinates and estimated time of arrival (ETA Time)
- arrow points you to desired location
- use either metric (km, m, Km/h) of imperial (ft, miles, mph) system of units

Hold your device parallel to the ground as you would hold a compass in navigation mode. Please make sure your phone's GPS is turned on! GPS does not work well in inside buildings. PointToPoint is best used outdoors!

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