Tải ShopandBox

Mua sắm / By Red Ape Solutions
Cập nhật: 1 tháng 2, 2018
Cài đặt 5.000 - 10.000
Version hiện tại 1.48.0
Yêu cầu Android 4.1 trở lên

Mô tả ShopandBox v1.48.0

A peer-to-peer personal shopping service which was founded in November 2013. By seamlessly connecting Shoppers with Boxers (Personal Shoppers) based on shopping interests and geographical location, we make shopping around the world for ANYTHING you want possible. Whether you’re looking to buy limited edition items that won’t make it to your part of the world, or it’s something you saw a few months ago whilst travelling and cannot get out of your head, or products that you know are cheaper elsewhere, ShopandBox provides a platform to help give Shoppers a personalized and unique shopping experience.

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Good App Guaranteed!

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