Tải Simple Shopping List

Cập nhật: 26 tháng 6, 2016
Cài đặt 100 - 500
Version hiện tại 2.0
Yêu cầu Android 4.0.3 trở lên

Mô tả Simple Shopping List v2.0

Forget about Forgetting!!.
You can manage multiple lists using this app. All products you enter in your shopping cart will later be available as suggestions so that you will save time when preparing your shopping list. Quantity, price are also added against each item and the overall price of the item and the list total price are shown. You can strike out items purchased while shopping with a click .You can share the list by email and Whatsapp to family and friends .This app allows you to sort the items both by category and alphabetically You can also track the date on which the list is created.Against each list number of items purchased in the list by total number of items in the list is shown.You can delete all purchased items at once or all the items in the list by simple device shake. User can choose their preferred Currency, Sorting the lists based on total cost of the list with alphabetical sorting as well.Marking and Unmarking all items as purchased can be done by choosing mark all items and unmark all items respectively .Purchased Items can be hidden by Selecting hide Purchased Items so that they do not appear in the list .Item view is divided into Section headers of category . You can also make a cow eat grass when bored by clicking on the image in Item Activity which plays a cow grazing sound.


● Manage multiple shopping lists
● Strike out while shopping
● Share a shopping list
● Quantities
● Add items
● Multiple sorting
● Validations for user inputs
● Preference Settings for Choosing Currency
● Multiple Sorting of Lists based on Total cost of the list and alphabetically
● Hiding Purchased Items in the List with Multiple sorting of Items
● Mark and Unmark all items in the List
● Dividing Listview into Section Headers of Category

Description :

All lists can be deleted by selecting clear list or by shaking the device .Sorting of lists in alphabetical order and by list can be done by going to settings.On Selecting a list redirects to Item activity page where list of all items is shown .An item can be marked as purchased by clicking on it which crosses over the item . You can mark all items as purchased by selecting mark all items and unmark all by selecting unmark all items. Purchased Items can be made hidden from list by selecting hide purchased items from preference settings of item .Click on add new item to add a new item .long press on item to edit or delete an item .All items can be deleted by selecting clear items in menu and similarly for clear all purchased can share the list by email and whatsapp by clicking on share list in the menu . validations for blank and duplicate Item names are taken care.

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Good App Guaranteed!

Good App Guaranteed!

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