Tải Game Truth Or Command

Thông thường / By TopHat Technologies
Cập nhật: 23 tháng 8, 2017
Cài đặt 100 - 500
Version hiện tại 1.2
Yêu cầu Android 4.0 trở lên

Mô tả Truth Or Command v1.2

Truth Or Command is a game we generally play while we are along with friends but sometimes we do not have a bottle to turn or sometime it may happen we have bottle but no base is present, and this application will help you play everywhere Without the requirement of the base or the bottle, So enjoy this game. Truth Or Command for Kids is a fantastic way to play the classic game of Truth or Dare. Over a lot of Truth and command questions. Enjoy the game like a gathering game or just like any some other informal enjoyment. The Truth Or Command game allows unlimited players to join. kids, teens, and adults! This game has a focus on multiplayer. This game is kids, teens, and adults. A great game to play during the Holidays. One of many, free games. Fun, lively, and ever growing. Download Truth Or Command game for free, The best classic Truth Or Command app is now free available .the best party game for couples. This specific dare spin and rewrite naughtiest than ever before will whack your brain. The naughtiest Truth Or Command available are usually awaiting you.

This Truth Or Command game is the app dedicated to parties, have fun for free.
Truth Or Command can be played in couple with your partner to live the hottest nights of the year. Your love will be back and you ill discover your friend once again, want to try for free download and the Straight or gay couple? Everyone can play Truth Or Command, it’s hot and free for all.

• In Couple:
Truth Or Command has been made to be playable by adults and make your hottest nights in your life. Your passionate love will be back and you will finding you, love for all,

• With your friend:
You're in a party, you have more than 18 years old and you want to play a hot game with guys and girls? By downloading it Truth or Dare you may make the correct option! The very best of the very hot dares and truth for adults is within Truth or Dare. It is the exact same game as Spin and rewrite the bottle!
Create links between each other. You can play with alcohol for more fun, and maybe the beginning of something hot.

• With girls
A girls' night time is really a success with Truth or command. Uncover the most popular and funniest invisible tricks of the friends If your friends avoid would like, to tell the truth, keep in mind that really make a difference, we well prepared one of the most amazing dares for making your night unforgettable. Who said that sleepovers have to be quiet once you are over 18 years old?

• With guys
Every single man has a secret part, even the adults. Find out the last dirty secret of your friends. If you think that you already know everything from them, the dare will make you surprised! Wanna discover who are your real friends?

Truth Or Command Game Features:

Play the most original Truth Or Command
Enjoy SECRET PRIVILEGES, only the app owner can have
Add your own questions and challenges - make it personal, or dirty as you like
Play clean as it can be.
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Keep a sweet memory by recording the tasks, and share them with friends
Browse our gallery, and like or comment on other people videos and photos
Have an unforgettable party with your friends
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Play in a slumber party, birthday or any other social meeting
Spin the bottle, or shake the device to get a task
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Play for hours without getting bored! never get the same task
Get popular and break the ice with instant laughs and fun moments
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Good App Guaranteed!

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